Félicia atkinson - lakes and losses

Anders Nilsen, Paul Hornschemeier, Jeffrey Brown, the vanguard of American independent
comic strip and members of the Chicago association, “the Holy Consumption”, will present an exhibition
of new drawings in gallery anne barrault, about American Midwest, a huge, flat, agricultural area
around Chicago, stretching over several states, swept by the winds, dotted with the Great Lakes.
From time immemorial, “minor” arts, such as comics (Daniel Clowes, Chris Ware...), or postrock
(Tortoise, Gastr del sol....) have flourished in Chicago, the heart of which is perhaps Quimby’s
bookshop and Reckless record shop situated in Wicker Park district.
Indeed, I discovered and was moved by the work of these three artists in this very bookshop,
and I met them for the first time in a café one block away. There was snow, and it was windy, and the
city unfolded in black and white, like most of the drawings shown here, silent and simple.
Anders Nilsen’s landscapes are full, though empty, of air and water, as the human body or the
earth. Puddles, bare fields, pits, faded signs delimit the empty space in which birds and forlorn people
wander. The lines of his drawings, colorless and filled with death felt everywhere, sketch a fragile yet
essential skeleton to bear so much whiteness.
As for Paul Hornschemeier, he is interested in General Grant, the Midwest hero who thus undergoes
different metamorphoses in which historical, biographical, fictitious elements are met, as often in
this artist’s work.
Jeffrey Brown, a lover of life trivial events, will exhibit color and black and white drawings treating
with humor and delicacy of the vagaries of life, in which we can recognize his double and his cat.

Félicia Atkinson

Félicia Atkinson - Lakes And LossesFélicia Atkinson - Lakes And LossesFélicia Atkinson - Lakes And LossesFélicia Atkinson - Lakes And Losses