Arctic crash - friction

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With two sets of headsail sheets, runners, kicking strap, genaker tack line and sheet, two part mainsheet, main sheet car control lines and Aries adjustment lines in the cockpit, we have enough string there already.

Social engineering is when a hacker manipulates a person, such as a company employee, to get information to access a computer system. In the movie, Dade tricks a security guy by introducing himself as “Eddie Vedder from accounting” and asking him to read a number off a modem. Vedder, of course, is the lead singer of Pearl Jam.  

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After Dark offered some of the best screensavers around. "Flying Toasters" was my favorite, and it had an optional score, complete with lyrics at the bottom.

Integral to the story of the origin of the name "Antarctica" is how it was not named Terra Australis —this name was given to Australia instead , and it was because of a mistake made by people who decided that a significant landmass would not be found farther south than Australia. Explorer Matthew Flinders , in particular, has been credited with popularising the transfer of the name Terra Australis to Australia. He justified the titling of his book A Voyage to Terra Australis (1814) by writing in the introduction:

The NRC ice tank previously helped test designs for the . Coast Guard’s existing heavy and medium icebreakers, as well as icebreaker designs for the Canadian Coast Guard. The actual performance of the full-size ships has helped validate the ice tank’s capability to predict their performance with the smaller model ships. So that validation provides confidence in the current ice tank tests intended to shape the future . and Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker fleets.

Harmony, Elegance, Energy Wave. These elements inspire the Baleno's Liquid Flow Design, giving it highly defined curves and powerful styling with a low flowing silhouette.

Arctic Crash - FrictionArctic Crash - FrictionArctic Crash - FrictionArctic Crash - Friction