Be - nocturnal jam

Traditionally, the groups characterized as untouchable were those whose occupations and habits of life involved ritually polluting activities, of which the most important were (1) taking life for a living, a category that included, for example, fishermen, (2) killing or disposing of dead cattle or working with their hides for a living, (3) pursuing activities that brought the participant into contact with emissions of the human body , such as feces, urine , sweat, and spittle, a category that included such occupational groups as sweepers and washermen, and (4) eating the flesh of cattle or of domestic pigs and chickens, a category into which most of the indigenous tribes of India fell.

Our itinerary is jam-packed full of outdoor adventures and there’s plenty of wildlife encounters to be had. Get up close and personal with Salt Water Crocodiles on our, Jumping Crocodile Cruise . From there we’ll tone things down a bit by exploring the breath-taking beauty of Florence Falls . To get there, we’ll take a short bush walk set against the soundtrack of chirping, colourful birds.

BE - Nocturnal JamBE - Nocturnal JamBE - Nocturnal JamBE - Nocturnal Jam